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Most important tip for making it in the music industry

There are a lot of musicians out there in the world and only a considerable number will ever climb to the top of the music industry. However, this is not a reason for aspiring musicians not to try, most especially if you feel that you are truly born to make music. It might help you though to expand your definition of climbing to the top, although making it in the industry more commonly implies a certain level of fame that allows you to live off what you are doing in the music industry.

To help you get your foot into the door, here is one major tip for making it in the music industry:

Although there might just be a few musicians blessed with that definite “it factor” and got by on what little talent they have, talent, skill, and knowledge remain to be important requirements for making the most inspirational songs possible.. Talent alone won’t cut it so it has to be paired off with continuous practice and the acquisition of knowledge about the craft. Taking care of your personal appearance is also key. No musician ever regretted learning more about music but there are a lot of musicians who had the natural flair for music but failed to use their talent properly. Worse, there are those that were arrogant, thinking that all they already have everything that they need. You will never run out of things to learn and master in your life so you must never stop aiming to learn more.

Being a musician isn’t as easy as it looks

Here are two more tips for aspiring musicians out there:

  • If you want to make it in the music industry, you have to learn how to take criticism well and seriously, most especially from those who can teach you things you can use to improve your craft. Feel free to disregard blanket statements that will make you feel so low but do not tune out the criticisms for they will shed light on quirks you will need to work on (tune out those naysayers who put down your online business to fund your music career!). It’s hard to detect your own mannerisms so it’s going to take an observer to identify those for you. If they can see or hear it, surely all those who will be listening to you will see those faults too (click here for more information).
  • The music industry is not just about making records, driving around in fancy cars, and playing to sold out concerts. Take every opportunity you can find to perform, even though some will seem beneath you. Breaks can sometimes take years to happen so you need to be practical and find ways to support yourself as well. Not to mention that every performance you make is also a chance to practice your skills so you really will be ready for the big time.

Commonly forgotten pieces of wisdom in music

Good things come to those who wait but don’t just sit around waiting! Send in demo tapes to recording companies, write to agents and producers, try out roles in theater, and build your network. You don’t get things going by just waiting for things to happen; you have to make things happen. The Italians would say, come fare soldi! If no one discovers your talent in your remote part of the world, bring your talent to the world then. Don’t forget to be very professional in all your activities though because worse than bad talent, people remember bad character.

The music industry is part of the entertainment industry so it will be plagued by the same kinds of problems. A lot of careers have been cut short by substance abuse or plain old going broke, for instance, so please do be wary and be mindful of who you hang out with. Be confident in yourself, know who you are, and no one will be able to change you to fit into the cookie-cutter mold of what is deemed right and beautiful.

Your talent is your strongest asset so make sure that you get known for that.

This guest post was contributed by Hans Stone, writer and owner at www.juegosfriv8.com.

Why Music Matters

Music is a universal language; it is something that everyone understands. It’s not like looking for a redsnow download or something random like that, where you’d need a specialized set of skills just to even navigate your way around. Music is universal and you don’t need to be a tech geek to understand it. There are different kinds of music out there and there seems to be enough to satisfy anyone wherever they are in the world. Music transcends age and race, time and beliefs. Music really does make the world go round. It soothes savage souls and broken hearts. It reminds people of feelings and makes people think about things. Even the most different of people come together because of music. Music means different things to people but even in those differences there is unity because of the appreciation of music.

So why does music matter? Music matters depending on how you see music. If you’re more of a technical kind of person, for instance, music may matter to you because it teaches you about form and construction. No matter how free music sounds, it will always be guided by notes and beats and these notes and beats have rules. If you were exposed to music as a form of expression, then music matters because it is your outlet. If you dance, music is your guide to movement. If you sing, music is your companion. Since music can be so many different things to many different people then it matters because of so many different things. Whether you’re a construction worker or a practicing nurse, music plays a role in your job in some way, some how, and it definitely plays a role on sites likeĀ http://ezinearticles.com/?SEO-Marketing—Anatomy-of-the-Meta-Tag&id=3746011.

Music can come in the form of so many things that it’s next to impossible to go a day without encountering it. It’s in the TV shows you watch. It’s in the grocery store. It’s in the subway station. It’s in that unlocked BlackBerry in your hand It’s in the very air you breathe. And because you can’t breathe without air, it’s just not possible to ignore music. Music also has a knack for being infectious so even when you are consciously blocking it out, it will still find its way to you. Music matters because it is a part of everyone. Your music may be different from what others consider to be theirs but it’s music nonetheless so it matters.

Music is deeply personal that’s why a lot of people use it for identifying who they can have a connection with. While it may look like a page out of a book, it is entirely possible for heated arguments to cool down because of some unifying melody drifting through the air. Different people may like different kinds of music but each one will feel a particular affection for music. Share that affection and you’ll realize the real reason why music matters.